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» About Us

Why worm castings? I wanted to get back to basics and live my life promoting the healthiest methods of growing our food (for humans and the earth) and to reduce the runoff pollution of our rivers, streams and drinking water.

» Overview:

Carolina Worm Castings is a source of organic soil additives for the home gardener as well as the commercial green house and landscape companies. We can provide the worms and worm bins for anyone wanting to start composting their food scraps or yard waste. Carolina Worm Castings can also supply African Nightcralwers for fishing worms.

» What we can do for you:

If you think you want to start a garden we have the needed soil and additives to make your garden a greener experience for your plants. Chances are the top soil was been removed from your yard when your house was built and what is left is” North Carolina Clay”. Our Garden Potting Soil has everything your plants need to grow and flourish. Top dress the plants with worm castings once a month and watch out. All your plants will grow well beyond your wildest expectations.

Having trouble growing a lawn? Are you having it sprayed with chemicals every month?

Think about improving the soil with worm castings and organic compost with a touch of top soil thrown in. Over time the soil will build up enough humus to not need any help growing your lawn and in the meantime it won’t be putting harmful chemicals in our drinking water.

Carolina Worm Castings will mix a custom blend of organic soil additives for your specific growing requirements.

» Why should you buy worm castings from CWC?

Because it is the right thing to do for your health, food, plants, the environment and supporting a local small business helps our local economy. The big fertilizer companies have convinced themselves and most Americans that by following government regulations their products are safe for humans and the environment. Their products work, but there is a hidden cost to our health and the environment. I believe it is time we take responsibility for what we choose to use, make, sell, buy, eat and support. Lots of professional turf companies also recommend a more natural approach.

Grow it greener with Carolina Worm Castings

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